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I remember being a little kid, my dad holding the back of my bicycle seat, the heat of the Florida sun beating down on us, his reassurance that he wouldn’t let go until I said so.  It feels like yesterday that I felt exhilaration when he let go and knew I was riding the bike by myself (without training wheels if you were wondering). The feeling of being on top of the world was usually followed by some sharp pain when I took a fall and scraped a knee or an elbow. Eventually I got the hang of it and would ride my bike everywhere, around the block, to the store, to a friends house and even to school. As I got older, I left the bike behind for other modes of transportation including a car, a bus or the subway as was the case during my time living in New York City.

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If you ride a bike and are looking for an efficient, lightweight LuminTrail pedal to help you get around, then you should consider installing butterfly bike pedals on your bike. Although they are primarily used for BMX bikes, they can easily be adapted to any bike and any style of riding such as road, mountain, and cross country. Their solid construction and many features make them the perfect component to help you get the performance you need.

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