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Beauty on the Back of a Bicycle 

Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors as you ride your bicycle. Our latest adventure took our partner Victoria Valchev (@vvalchev) around Lake Minnewanka in Calgary, Canada. A scenic journey filled with snowcapped mountains and crystal blue waters. Where will your next adventure take you? 


Family Vacation Bicycle Ride

You don't have to be the Griswolds to have an epic family vacation. It could be as simple as finding a nearby trail and going on a bicycle ride. Fun for the whole family. 


Life's Moments | Love, Laughter and Having an Adventure 

Life is about moments. Don't wait for them, create them! Love, laugh and seek out those adventures. Make sure you have everything you need for your journey.



Puppy Wind Seeker

Head out the window, wind in your face, sun heating your fur. Wait! That's the dog. But we still love that wind as we pedal out on our next adventure. Dogs are known for loving the feel of the wind on their face. So do people who ride bikes! The rush, the endurance, the bugs that fly into the mouth - don't worry they're nutritious for you. 


The Cycling Avenger

For National Superhero Day, April 28th, we wanted to share the newest Superhero. Meet The Cycling Avenger! Through her adventures you'll watch as she battles evil foes and combats bicycle theft. See her go up against her nemesis, The Bicycle Bandit. You won't want to miss this new YouTube series!

 Episode 1:


Episode 2
Check out our latest episode, featuring our superhero helping a citizen in need.


Episode 3

Once again the Cycling Avenger faces off against the Bicycle Bandit. This time the stakes are a higher, a child's bike hangs in the balance. Find out what happens!


Riding a Bicycle 


Life is a Beautiful Ride

Life is a beautiful ride and we hope you enjoy it. Plus you need the right accessories for your journey.


Giraffe Riding a Bicycle

Nothing like seeing a giraffe ride a "penny-farthing" bicycle. Just an ordinary day. And on any ordinary day, make sure you protect your bike when the ride is over with the right lock.

Check out the LuminTrail LK20708 lock. This lock is great for suburban areas and short stops on college campus or in metropolitan cities. 


 Rocket Man (Halloween Costume)

 Rocket Man Halloween costume contest winner (2016).

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