Butterfly Bike Pedals with CNC Alloy Sealed Bearing

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Butterfly Bike Pedals with CNC Alloy Sealed Bearing

If you ride a bike and are looking for an efficient, lightweight LuminTrail pedal to help you get around, then you should consider installing butterfly bike pedals on your bike. Although they are primarily used for BMX bikes, they can easily be adapted to any bike and any style of riding such as road, mountain, and cross country. Their solid construction and many features make them the perfect component to help you get the performance you need.

  • Lightweight Construction- Butterfly bike pedals are typically lightweight (under 15 ounces), which means they won’t make your bike any heavier than it is and they won’t get in your way when you’re pushing up hills or into the wind. Most are made of titanium or aluminum, two materials that resist wet conditions and rust. If you live in a region that is commonly wet from rain or snow, installing pedals made from these materials will help prevent your pedals from disintegrating prematurely.
  • Wide Platform - A wide platform provides foot comfort and superior handling performance by offering stability and extra assurance that the bike will do what you want it to do.  
  • Sealed Bearing Chamber - A sealed inner chamber protects the bearings inside by keeping mud and rain out. When dirt and water get into the bearing chamber, the result can be severe damage to the bearings by creating pits and scratches that can make the bearings slip and the pedals tighten in spots. The sealed chamber will keep the bearings lubed and protected, which allows for a longer lasting pedal.  
  • Steel Axis - An anodized steel axle provides a solid spindle that can withstand high amounts of foot pressure so you can take on any terrain.  
  • Dual-sided and Non-Slipping - The dual-sided, steel pin platform provides a non-slip surface to make your pedaling more efficient. Plus, you never have to worry about your feet sliding off unexpectedly.  
  • Nice Color Selection - Butterfly pedals sometimes come in a variety of colors, which can be important to certain riders who are trying to coordinate a team color or uniform. Common colors are black, blue, and red.  
  • Simple Installation - With just a 5/16” Hex/Allen key, you can install these bike pedals in a matter of minutes so you can quickly get on your way.  
  • Low Price - Perhaps its best feature is its low price, which makes it easy for everyone to afford. The price for a pair of butterfly bike pedal is usually under $40 and is available online or at major retail outlets such as Amazon and Walmart.  

No matter what style of rider you are, a LuminTrail butterfly bike pedal set just may be the best, all-around component you’ll ever have or ever need. With its many features, these bike pedals are sure to please and will offer you value and performance for many years to come.

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