The Dogs of Lumintrail

The Dogs of Lumintrail

Who Let the Dogs In? We did! It's Bring Your Dog to Work Day, one of the best holidays of the entire year, in which your K9 companions, man's best friend, gets to come to work with their owners. A day when doggos don't have to stay at home, pining for their owner to walk back through the door. Instead, they get to tag along on the adventures, or not so much adventures of their hoomans. 

Today we had two special guests in our office. We would like you to meet the dogs of Lumintrail. We hope this inspires you to foster or adopt a loving pet from your local shelter - they give the best love!



Chances are you may have seen this big guy on our Instagram feed, a handsome boy who knows he is one good looking Labrador Retriever. With his loving nature and his excitement for a good walk, Bear is the best friend any person could ask for. He LOVES love and is not shy about walking up to people to get it. 

This is the first time Bear has been to the Lumintrail offices. A visit he hopes to repeat, especially since he's been such a well behaved pup. 


While Bear has been hanging out in the front office, Ruby has been living and loving life back in our warehouse. She is lounging in her bed, or next to it as the case may be, snoozing the day away and enjoying her personal fan positioned just right. It's cool air blowing on her, this dog is living the life. Her chill personality and laid attitude would make anyone want a senior bull dog like her as their own. 

We can't wait for these loving pups to visit again soon! And check out your local animal shelters for dogs (and cats) in need of a loving home. 

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