Get Prepared for 2017 Spring Bicycle Rides

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Get Prepared for 2017 Spring Bicycle Rides

With spring coming in a few short months, it's time to get ready for spring bike riding. This is a great time to check over your bike to see if it needs any maintenance or repairs. You can also research new bike products that will make your rides more enjoyable. Bicycle accessories like bike locks, bike pumps, and bike lights can also contribute to the safety and convenience of riding your bike in many different areas.

Get Prepared for 2017 Spring Bicycle Rides

When preparing for spring riding, it's important to make sure your bike is in good working order. If you don't know much about the mechanics of your bicycle, it can be helpful to take it to a bike shop to have it looked over thoroughly. You should check your tires for any potential issues. You should also check the brakes to be sure they are functioning properly. Carefully consider any new accessories that you may wish to purchase that help you have better and safer rides. 

Bike locks are essential for keeping your bike safe when you're riding. If you frequently ride to work or school in the beautiful spring weather, it's important to have a good lock to keep your bike secure while you're away. There are different types of bike locks, allowing you to choose to one that best fits your needs. Cable locks work well to lock your bike to large stationary structures like a pole and can also secure your bike to most types of bike racks. If you don't use your lock often, a Master Lock 8143D Cable Lock 5/16 inch might be good enough for you. It costs only $5.98 on Amazon.  If you need a much more serious cable lock, the 5 digit combinations is almost impossible to break, 5 Digit Combination Steel Chain Lock is available in three different colors and is made from solid steel 1/2 inch thick with a flexible nylon cover to prevent damage to your bike. The lock is lightweight and can be kept with you at all times without the requirement of a key. 

Safety should also be a concern when you're preparing for your spring bike rides. A quality bike light can help you ride safely in the early morning hours or late evening when natural light is restricted. The bike light LTC –50 USB rechargeable 800 Lumen  or Niterider Lumina 750 may be right one for you. The LTC-15 High Intensity LED Waterproof Bike Tail Light is easily attached to your bike or helmet. The light is made of quality aluminum and is lightweight but durable. It helps you see in various stages of darkness and also helps to ensure that you're visible to motorists and other bicyclists. It has three light modes and a light range of 240 degrees. Because the light is waterproof, you can easily use it if you get caught in inclement weather and need to get home safely. 

Ensuring that your tires are properly inflated can help keep you safe and prevent any problems while on long rides. It's essential to invest in a quality bike pump that you can keep on hand anytime you have low tires. A bike pump like the Telescoping Mini Bike Pump Dual Nozzle with Built-in Gauge easily folds so that you can keep it on your bike at all times. This small bit of preparation means you'll never get caught with low tires, no matter what terrain you're riding on.

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