Arizona Biking Trails

Arizona Biking Trails

We want to help cultivate your adventurous spirit and biking is a great way to do that! This week we are featuring Arizona’s bike trails. From cityscapes to desert views, you don’t want to miss out on these trails!


Arizona Bike Trails Map


Flagstaff, Arizona

Buffalo Park Loop (Nate Avery Trail)

Location: Flagstaff, AZ          Length: 2 miles            Times: N/A            Fees: N/A

Parking: Buffalo Park at 2400 North Gemini Drive                     Type: Dirt/gravel greenway   

For more information on the Buffalo Park Loop Trail Click Here

Karen Cooper Trail (Rio North Trail)

Location: Flagstaff, AZ           Length: 3.6 miles             Times: N/A             Fees: N/A

Parking: Thorpe park, Wheeler Park, & ballfields at Aztec St.          Type: Gravel greenway 

Trail Map

Route 66 Trail

Location: Flagstaff, AZ            Length: 4.2 miles             Times: N/A             Fees: N/A

Parking: Visitor Center on Route 66                 Type: Concrete rail-trail       

For more information on the Route 66 Trail Click Here

Schultz Creek Trail

Location: Flagstaff, AZ             Length: 8 miles               Times: N/A               Fees: N/A

Parking: Parking area along Schultz Pass Road                   Type: Mountain biking      

Trail Map

Sinclair Wash Trail

Location: Flagstaff, AZ             Length: 5.7 miles               Times: N/A               Fees: N/A

Parking: Fort Tuthill Park          Type: Dirt path      

For more information on the Sinclair Wash Trail Click Here

Tunnel Springs Trail

Location: Flagstaff, AZ           Length: 1.9 miles               Times: N/A             Fees: N/A

Parking: Along Street of Adirondack Ave.                     Type: Dirt path / Mountain biking     

For more information on the Tunnel Springs Trail Click Here


North Rim, Arizona

Rainbow Rim Trail

Location: North Rim, AZ               Length: 19 miles             Times: Late spring to fall        

Fees: None                 Type: Mountain biking    

This remote trail is located within the Kaibab National Forest. While it is remote with no service stations within miles, it has breathtaking views along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. A great place for your next ride and maybe even your next camping adventure!  

For more information on the Rainbow Rim Trail Click Here


Peoria, Arizona

New River Trail

Location: Peoria, AZ        Length:16.5 miles            Times: 6am - 10:30pm          Fees: N/A

Parking:  Rio Vista Community Park (8866 W. Thunderbird Rd.)               Type: Paved   

Trail Map


Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Canal Trail

Location: Phoenix, AZ             Length: 69 miles               Times: N/A              Fees: N/A

Parking:  Thunderbird Paseo Park (Glendale) & Granada Park (Phoenix)         Type: Paved

The Arizona Canal Trail proves to be one of the longest trails in Maricopa County, spanning from Peoria to Scottsdale. This trail follows the Arizona Canal on both sides and connects to many other trails along the way. This trail is definitely a great trail to help you get out and explore the Phoenix area!

Trail Map

Phoenix Sonoran Preserve (Apache Wash Loop)

Location: Phoenix, AZ           Length: 5.6 miles           Times: 5am - 11pm           Fees: N/A

Parking:  Parking at trailheads             Type: Mountain biking

Trail Map

State Route 51 Trail

Location: Phoenix, AZ              Length: 5.2miles               Times: N/A               Fees: N/A

Parking: Lot located NW corner of Sweetwater Ave. and 36th St.               Type: Paved

Trail Map


Queen Creek, Arizona

Queen Creek Wash Trail

Location: Queen Creek, AZ           Length: 4.7 miles            Times: N/A             Fees: N/A

Parking:  Desert Mountain Park (22201 S. Hawes Road)              Type: Paved greenway

For more information on the Queen Creek Wash Trail Click Here


Scottsdale, Arizona

Gainey Ranch Road Trail

Location: Scottsdale, AZ     Length:1.1 miles      Times: Sunrise to 10:30pm       Fees: N/A

Parking:  Scottsdale Rotary Park (7959 E. Doubletree Ranch)              Type: Paved

Trail Map

Indian Bend Wash Trail

Location: Scottsdale, AZ            Length: 6.2 miles            Times: N/A            Fees: N/A

Parking: Eldorado Park (2311 N Miller Rd.) & Chaparral Park             Type: Paved

Trail Map

Pemberton Loop

Location: Scottsdale, AZ          Length: 15 miles         Times: 6am - 8pm         Fees: $2+

Parking:    16300 McDowell Mountain Park Drive         Type: Mountain biking

For more information on the Pemberton Loop Trail Click Here

For more information on park entry fees Click Here


Sedona, Arizona

Templeton Trail

Location: Sedona, AZ         Length: 7.4 miles            Times: Year-round           Fees: $5

Parking:  At trailhead off of Back-O’Beyond Rd.                 Type: Mountain biking

The Templeton Trail is a trail in Sedona known for its views of the Cathedral Rock. This trail remains unshaded, so use caution in the summer because it can get very hot! Templeton Trail is great trail for all skill level riders.

For more information on the Templeton Trail Click Here 


Tempe, Arizona

Rio Salado Pathway

Location: Tempe, AZ              Length: 12 miles              Times: N/A            Fees: N/A

Parking: Tempe Park Beach & Riverview Park (in Mesa)                 Type: Paved

For more information on the Rio Salado Pathway Click Here

Western Canal Path

Location: Tempe, AZ               Length: 22 miles               Times: N/A             Fees: N/A

Type: Paved greenway

The Western Canal Path is just one of the many trails around the Phoenix area. It follows along the canals as it goes from Tempe, along the Chandler/Mesa border, and through Gilbert. There are multiple parking areas including: McQueen Park in Gilbert, Palo Verde Park in Mesa, and Kiwanis Park in Tempe. The Western Canal Path also connects to the Kyrene Canal Path at midpoint and on the Consolidated Canal Path on the east.

For more information on the Western Canal Path Click Here


Tucson, Arizona

50-Year Trail(Golder Ranch)

Location: Tucson, AZ           Length: 8.6 miles               Times:  5am to 10pm, Year-round

Fees: $7 per vehicle            Parking: Catalina State Park            Type: Mountain biking

For more information on the 50-Year Trail Click Here


Golf Links-Aviation Path

Location: Tucson, AZ             Length: 9.4 miles               Times: N/A              Fees: N/A

Parking: Freedom Park (5000 E. 29th St.) & take spur trail to main trail           Type: Paved

Trail Map

Rillito River Park Trail

Location: Tucson, AZ                       Length: 21.8 miles                   Times: Dawn to dusk      

Fees:  N/A                    Type:  Paved greenway

Parking: Eastern Terminus West of N. Craycroft Rd. & Brandi Fenton Memorial Park

Trail Map

Sweetwater Preserve

Location: Tucson, AZ           Length: 10 miles            Times: Dawn to dusk           Fees: N/A

Parking:  4001 North Tortolita Road                  Type: Mountain biking

For more information on the Sweetwater Preserve Click Here


Yuma, Arizona

Yuma Crossing Bike Path

Location: Yuma, AZ               Length: 1.55 miles                Times:  N/A              Fees: N/A  

Parking: Off of N. Gila St. & Joe Henry Memorial Park                  Type: Paved

Trail Map

Wondering where to find great bike trails in your state? Keep checking in as we update our blog weekly with new state information.  

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