Alaska Biking Trails

Alaska Biking Trails

We want to help cultivate your adventurous spirit and biking is a great way to do that! This week we are exploring Alaska and their beautiful trails. Remember that Alaska is rich in wildlife and their trails are no exception! Bears and moose are prevalent in these areas and you should always use caution when riding on these trails.


Anchorage, Alaska

Beach Lake Trail

Location: Anchorage [Chugiak], AK           Length: 17 miles      Times: Summer months

Parking: Past the High School off of S. Birchwood Rd.          Type: Mountain biking    

During the winter these trails are strictly ski trails, but during the summer months they open up the trails for multi-use. Perfect for the more experienced mountain biker looking for an engaging ride up and down the network of slopes.   

For More Information: Beach Lake Trail Info


Bird to Gird Trail (Indian to Girdwood Bike Path)

Location: Anchorage, AK       Length: 13 miles               Times:  Year-round

Parking:   West end lot off Seward Highway           Type: Paved Path

For More Information: Bird to Gird Trail Website


Campbell Creek Greenbelt

Location: Anchorage, AK          Length: 7.5 miles     Times: Year-round

Parking: Lake Otis Park & Simonean Ball Fields off Tudor Rd.         Type: Paved Greenway

Trail Map 

For More Information: Campbell Creek Greenbelt Website


Eklutna Lakeside Trail

Location: Anchorage, AK         Length: 13 mile            Times: Summer months for biking

Parking:  $5 per vehicle at the Eklutna Lake Campground       Type: Mountain Biking     

Trail Map

For More Information:  Eklutna Lakeside Trail Website


Goose Lake Park Trail

Location: Anchorage, AK         Length: 1.5 miles             Times:  Year-round

Parking:  Goose Lake Park, 2811 UAA Drive     Type: Paved/Dirt Greenway    

For More Information: Goose Lake Park Trail Website


Kincaid Park Trails

Location: Anchorage, AK        Length: 11.5 miles         Times: Summer months for biking

Parking: Little Campbell Lake, Raspberry, Stadium/Chalet & Jodhpur    Type: Mountain Biking  

Trails Map

For More Information: Kincaid Park Trails Website


Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail

Location: Anchorage, AK Length: 4 miles             Times: Year-round

Parking:  Goose Lake Park, Anchor Park & Valley of the Moon Park   Type: Paved

For More Information: Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail Website


Powerline Pass to Indian (Flattop Trailhead)

Location: Anchorage, AK Length: 11 miles             Times: Year-round

Parking:  At Chugach State Park with $5 per car     Type: Mountain Biking    

For More Information: Powerline Pass to Indian (Flattop Trailhead) website


Ship Creek Trail

Location: Anchorage, AK Length: 2.6 miles             Times: Year-round

Parking:  Tyson Elementary School & Alaska Railroad Depot    Type: Paved Rail-Trail   

The Ship Creek Trail is a great trail that goes through downtown Anchorage! This 2.6 mile trail can be accessed from the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and ends at the Tyson Elementary School. This scenic trail follows nearly the entire length of Ship Creek and has a mix of wooded and industrial views.

For More Information: Ship Creek Trail Website


Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Location: Anchorage, AK Length: 11 miles             Times: Year-round

Parking:  West 2nd Ave near the Railroad Depot  &  Kincaid Park            Type: Paved   

For More Information: Tony Knowles Coastal Trail Website


Cordova, Alaska

Saddlebag Glacier Trail

Location: Cordova, AK         Length: 6 miles             Times:  Year-round

Parking: At the end of Firewood Cutting Rd.            Type: Mountain Biking   

One of the many trails within the Chugach National Forest, this trail rides along the Saddlebag Lake with beautiful views of the Saddlebag Glacier. While this trail is relatively flat in terrain there are many roots and can be treacherous when wet, so use caution!

Trail Map


Fairbanks, Alaska

Ester Dome Single Track System

Location: Fairbanks, AK Length: 11 miles             Times: Year-round

Parking:  Off of Ester Dome Road     Type:  Mountain Biking   

Trail Map



Homer, Alaska

Homer Spit Trail

Location: Homer, AK Length: 4 miles             Times: Year-round

Parking:  Around the harbor area and the fishing lagoon    Type: Paved Greenway    

Trail Map



Hope, Alaska

Resurrection Pass Trail

Location: Hope, AK Length: 38 miles             Times: Biking in the summer

Parking:  4 miles up Resurrection Creek Road         Type: Mountain Biking    

For More Information: Resurrection Pass Trail Website



Juneau, Alaska

Herbert Glacier Trail

Location: Juneau, AK     Length: 9 miles        Times: Best from May - October

Parking:  At trailhead on the side of Glacier Highway            Type: Mountain Biking  

This trail is a great trail for all skill levels of bikers. This out and back style trail is known for its beautiful views of Glaciers, and also goes along the Herbert River and passes by some of Juneau’s classic mirror kettle ponds. The Herbert Glacier Trail even has some opportunities for blueberry picking!

For More Information: Herbert Glacier Trail Website


Treadwell Ditch Trail

Location: Juneau, AK Length: 14 miles             Times: Year-round

Parking:  The Eaglecrest parking lot     Type: Mountain Biking    

For More Information: Treadwell Ditch Trail Website



Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Crescent Creek Trail

Location: Kenai Peninsula, AK Length: 12 miles       Times: Year-round   

Parking: Road’s end of Cooper Landing     Type: Mountain Biking    

Trail Map

For More Information: Crescent Creek Trail Website



Moose Pass, Alaska

Devil’s Creek Trail (Devil’s Pass Trail)

Location: Moose Pass, AK Length: 10 miles      Times: Best June - October

Type: Mountain Biking   

Trail Map

For More Information: Devil’s Creek Trail (Devil’s Pass Trail) Website



Palmer, Alaska

16 Mile Hatcher Pass Trail

Location: Palmer, AK          Length: 2 miles          Times: From June - October

Parking:  Gravel parking areas on Fishhook Rd.               Type: Mountain Biking   

For More Information: 16 Mile Hatcher Pass Trail Website


Matanuska Lakes State Park Trails (Kepler-Bradley)

Location: Palmer, AK    Length: 25 miles                         Times: Year-round

Parking:  Matanuska Lakes,  4376 S. Glenn Highway                        Type: Mountain Biking  

For More Information: Matanuska Lakes State Park Trails (Kepler-Bradley) Website



Seward, Alaska

Lost Lake Trail

Location: Seward, AK    Length: 7.3 miles                         Times: Year-round

Parking:  At Lost Lake subdivision-up gravel road follow signs        Type: Mountain Biking    

For More Information: Lost Lake Trail Website

Wondering where to find great bike trails in your state? Keep checking in as we update our blog weekly with new state information.  

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