#1 Travel Hack for Zipping Through Security

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#1 Travel Hack for Zipping Through Security

Summer is almost here. A time to break out the shorts, pick up some charcoal for the grill, and get ready to head out on your vacation. Summer is a time to relax, to pack your bags and travel to your perfect place. You’ve had a picture of it hanging up in your cubicle for months. A view of a sandy beach, palm tree, sun and the blue ocean for as far as the eye can see. You’ve been imagining yourself on that beach, sitting in a chair with a drink in your hand and not a worry in the world. I feel like I’m about to start quoting a Zack Brown Band song, here it comes “adios and vaya con dios”. Shake off the winter blues, pack your bags, and head to the airport to fly away on your next adventure. We wish you a relaxing time!


Let’s back it up for a second. There is some stress when flying, making sure you catch your flight, having to get to the airport early to get through security and then there is security itself. Many people worry about their luggage once it leaves their side. When checking bags, your luggage moves through many hands before finally reaching its destination. From the check in counter, through TSA security, baggage handlers both on the leaving side and the landing side, your bags are out of your sight but not always out of mind. Your worry of course is that your luggage will be opened and your valuables stolen.

How do you prevent that? We’ve seen people plastic wrap their bags...really...it happens. While it does deter some thieves from rifling around in your bag, if the TSA needs to get into your bag during screening, they will remove the wrap, wasting your money you paid to have it wrapped in the first place.  We’ve also seen people use a standard combination or padlock lock on their bags only to find it has been cut when they arrive at their destination. If airport security cannot remove the lock, they may need to damage your expensive luggage in order to search your bags.  Sure you can continue to buy regular locks for your luggage or have to buy a whole new bag, but why waste the money?

Here is a valuable travel hack that will help you get through security with a lot less stress. TSA approved locks are travel locks that have been specifically designed for travel. They allow you to securely lock up your luggage, giving you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. This also means that proper authorities in the United States can check your bag and re-lock the padlock to ensure it remains secured, without any unnecessary damage to your property.

How does the travel lock work you might ask? The red-and-white Travel Sentry mark on the lock notifies screeners that they can unlock and relock your baggage without having to break the lock open. As the proper authority, they have an official master key to access the lock but this does not make your luggage any less safe. The Lumintrail TSA approved locks are made from strong metal and have a steel shackle, making them built to last. They come with a 3 digit personalized combination for your convenience, meaning you don't have to worry about losing the key while you travel.

by Sheerah Singer

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