Lumintrail Bike Floor Storage Stand for Mountain and Road Bicycle Indoor Outdoor Garage Storage

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Sturdy and Durable! 

Model: BS-7076-07

UPC: 769923344874

The Lumintrail Bike Floor Stand is great for storing your bike and be used with the front tire and back tire. With a unique tire track design, your bike can be stored without having to worry about scratching rims or damaging spokes. Need to take it on the go? A spring-loaded design allows you to safely unfold and collapse the stand making it easy to store when not in use or take with you on the go. 


  • Fits all bikes up to 2.25” tire width, includes road bikes with skinny tires, mountain bikes 26”-29”, hybrid bikes, commuter bikes, and smaller kids bikes 20”-24”
  • Wheel track design allows you to simply push your bike into the stand
  • Completely foldable making it easy to store when not in use and take on the go
  • 3 Points of contact holding your tire for extra security
  • Spring holder ensures that the tire is held tightly in place
  • Keep your bike from getting scratches and damage with the track and spring holder only making contact with the tire
  • Durable design made from high-quality steel with a beautiful black finish


  • Length Across Front and Back: 14”
  • Depth: 11.25”
  • Wheel Size Max: 2.25”
  • Material: Quality Steel with Black finish

Directions For Use:

  1. Place stand on a hard flat surface
  2. Pull Quick Release knob to open stand
  3. Push the bike into the wheel track
  4. Gently continue to push until bike can no longer go forward
  5. Success! Your bike is now securely in the stand

California Prop 65 Warning click for information.

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