Bicycle Wheel Truing Stand for Home Mechanic, Fits 16-29" Road & Mountain Bike Wheels, Compact & Foldable

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The Lumintrail Truing Stand is an adjustable wheel truing tool, fitting wheels up to 29". Keeping your wheels perfectly straight improves ride quality and brake performance. Great for travel, the truing stand folds flat to a compact size to easily take on the go to any bike race or simply just use in your home shop.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Fits wheels 16-29" thanks to the adjustable arms. Center ruler and thimbles also adjust for fine tune adjustments.
  • PRECISE WHEEL TRUING: The center ruler provides a zero reference point so you can guarantee that your wheel is truly centered. Two adjustable thimbles allows you to see any micro variations in wheel alignment.
  • ADJUST FRONT AND REAR TIRES: Mounting brackets rotate to fit either front or rear tires. Fits 4" width front wheels and 5.5" width rear wheels.
  • COLLAPSIBLE COMPACT DESIGN: Conveniently folds down flat to a size of 17.5" by 14" without any tools, perfect to storing anywhere or traveling.
  • READY TO USE: No assembly required. Comes with a spoke adjuster so you can get started immediately on truing your wheels.

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