Bicycle Bike Tire Tube Repair Kit - 6 Rubber Patches + Sandpaper + Rubber Patch Cement, in Compact Portable Case (1 or Multiple Pack)

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Product SKU:  LT-YP3205BC-C-Glue-Patch-Kit

The Glue Patch Kit Lumintrail tube repair kit is a must have for any cyclist. Works on most bicycle inner tubes and other inflatable items. Kit includes 6 Rubber Patches, 1 Sandpaper piece and Rubber Cement in a compact portable plastic case.

1. Locate the puncture
2. Prep the site by using sandpaper to roughen the area slightly larger than the patch you will use. This will allow the cement to adhere to the tube.
3. Apply a thin layer of rubber cement over the area you just sanded.
4. Allow rubber cement to dry - approximately 1 minute
5. Remove foil backing and apply the patch directly over puncture, pressing firmly to seal it with the rubber cement
6. Place tube back in tire. Put tire back on rim and inflate

Patches Included: 6
Patch Dimensions:

  • 4x Round Patches: 0.75” (D)
  • 2x Oval Patches: 1.0” (W) x 1.3” (L)

About this product:

  • Easy to Use - Fixes Flats Fast!
  • A necessary item for every cyclist - Portable case is easy to carry in pocket or bag
  • Mini patch kit includes 6 rubber patches, 1 sandpaper piece and rubber cement
  • Repair for most bicycle inner tubes as well as other inflatable items
  • 4x Round Patches: .75” (D), 2x Oval Patches: 1.0” (W) x 1.3” (L)

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