USB Rechargeable Bike Light FAQs

Q: Does the tail light have a strobe setting?

A: The tail light has a flashing mode. 

Q: How easy is it to install?

A: You don't need tools for the installation, you can handle all the screws with your hands There are two for fixing the support to the bike and one to fix the light 

Q: Can this light be mounted on a helmet? If so, what are the blinking settings, slow, fast, or strobe?

A: You can attach this light to most GoPro compatible mounts, including most helmet mounts. There is a strobe setting on the light. 

Q: Will the headlight bracket allow the light to be mounted on a motorcycle's handlebar?

A: We've never tested it on a motorcycle, but it should fit most standard handlebars. This light would probably not be the best suited for a motorcycle though, the light output won't be high enough to give sufficient vision for high speeds. 

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