TSA Approved Lock - LKTSA21105 FAQs

Q: How wide is the black cover at the origin of the loop?

A: About 9mm. 

Q: Thinking about using these on a storage cabinet in a vacation rental. Without using the 4' cable, how many inches is the short cable?

A: Cable on lock is 5 inches

Q: Is it a good idea to use this to lock bags in hostels in Europe? 

A: It can definitely be used to lock bags and you can also lock it to a bed or dresser. There are some hostels that require a thicker lock so be aware of what the hostel recommends. 

Q: Does this lock have a open alert indicator?

A: No, those are mostly on metal shackles ones, this one is a cable and good for very thin and flexible points of attachment especially with the included cable makes for further possibilities to lock something up with

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