Rear Mount Kickstand FAQs

Q: Where can I find directions?

A: The images on the product listing shows the kickstand mounted to a bike frame for reference. If you would like a little help walking through the setup you can contact us directly. Our customer service would be happy to assist you. 

Q: Does this item fit to diamondback 2017 trace mountain bike?

A: We don't have one of those bikes on-hand, but did some research. It looks like you'll probably want to stay away from any rear-mounted clamping kickstands for that bike. The information we found indicates the bike has a shifting cable running down one side of the rear frame, and a braking cable running down the other. Clamping anything on those could negatively affect the performance of your brake or shifter to a dangerous degree. If the bike has a mounting plate on the bottom of the frame, you would probably be better off getting a center mount stand that bolts on there. If it doesn't have that mount point, there are options for rear mount that only clamp the bottom portion of the frame, those with a smaller mount could possibly fit between the cable and frame to avoid clamping the cables.

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