Quick Release Luggage Carrier FAQs

Q: Will it fit on a 32 mm seat post?

A: There are rubber spacers included to adjust sizing for seat posts of different sizes. 

Q: The bungee cord wasn't attached to the rack. How can I attach it?

A: The included bungee cord is a loop configuration to allow it to cinch on itself to tighten down. There are tracks on the Carrier Rack that the cord can be run through, but it is not meant to attach to the rack itself. 

Q: Would this work on the front of a bike? Will it fit around a 42mm post?

A: It is very unlikely that it would fit, or be nearly as useful on the front. This design is specifically for the rear of the bike, and was not tested on the front. 

Q: What is minimum seat post length needed for the rack to clear the rear wheel?

A: The minimum seat post length will vary with the type of bike frame to which it will be attached. Generally however it will effectively fit most bikes with adequate clearance of the rear wheel wherein the available seat post height is 2.5 - 3.0 inches tall. 

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