PD-895B Ball Bearing Pedal FAQs

Q: How do you tell the left from the right pedal? 

A: If you look toward the threads; the left pedal has lines on the nut running perpendicular to the threads, the right pedal does not. Another way to tell that you can use with any pedal from any brand is to compare the threads. Left pedal threads will go up and to the left, while right pedal threads will go up and to the right. This is because the left pedal threads counter-clockwise, and the right threads clockwise. That method applies to all bike pedals.

Q: Which measurement is the one for foot width? 

A: Width is about 5".

Q: Will these fit any crank arm?

A: It should fit as long as it is made for 9/16" spindle. Most multi-gear bikes use 9/16" and most single-speed or fixie bikes use 1/2". If you're unsure you can check the manufacturer information on your crank arm, or you can measure the spindle of your current pedals with a caliper. Definitely don't eyeball it though, as the two sizes are 9/16" or 1/2" which are very close in size.

Q: Can I order 1 black and 1 titanium?

A: We do not currently offer a mixed color set. You are welcome to contact our customer service team to see if we can accommodate a custom request.

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