Mini Bike Pump PM-21B FAQs

Q: How do I use the presta nozzle? The air always comes out the Schrader port.

A: There's an easy way to test. To start, the lever should be pulled out away from the body, that is the locked position. Now to test each valve, you'll simply put your finger over whichever you are testing. The smart design of the pump automatically pushes air out to whichever head it senses is being used, so your finger blocking the air will trick it into thinking it is on a valve. With your finger over the opening, go ahead and give it a pump. You should feel the air pressure against your finger, and see the pressure valve move. You can do this to test each head individually.

Q: Is the gauge supposed to show a reading as soon as the pump is attached to the tire?

A: Be sure that the locking lever is in the proper position to seal onto the valve. Also, if using a Schrader valve, make sure it is in the open position. Then you should get a reading. Feel free to message ( us directly if you are having any difficulty.

Q: Which of the two holes is the schrader hole?

A: The schrader head is toward the top, and the presta is the lower one toward the body. No adapter is needed for either of those, you just put the pump directly on the valve to use. See user manual for more detailed directions. 

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