Lumintrail LK - 20708 Bike U-Lock:

LuminTrail LK20708 Bike U-Lock: 

In this video you will learn:

  • How to set your lock combination
  • How to secure your bicycle
  • How to install your bicycle frame mount

Each U-shaped combination lock package contains – Bike frame mount, u-lock and 2.5ft cable.

How to set your combination- by default combination is set to “0000”. Turn your u-lock upside down and you will see a switch on the bottom left. Move switch from “A” to “B”. Then choose your combination numbers and select it. Move switch back from ‘’B” to “A” and your new combination is now set.

How to secure your bicycle - There are many ways to secure your bicycle. Use your 2.5 foot cable and/or use U-lock to secure your bike to nearby immovable object as it shown in the video.

How to install your bicycle frame mount - Snap plastic screw peg into hole, then select a right location of your choice on frame and use screw driver to screw straps through until it is tight. Cut remaining extra straps. Finally insert u-lock with the switch facing up.

Thanks for watching.

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