Double Leg Kickstand FAQs

Q: Will this work on a fatbike with 4" tires?

A: That's a pretty tricky question to answer without having the bike in person. Toward the mount the legs are closer together, but toward the feet it does get to more than 4" apart. It would depend on how closely the kickstand is mounted to the tire. 

Q: Would the Lumitrail center mount bicycle kickstand be able to be fitted to the Montague Paratrooper Pro Foldable bike with 26inch wheels?

A: We are not able to test this on every bike, but we have tested it on one folding bike. As long as the bike has a mounting space in front of the rear wheel, with a clearance between the mount point and wheel of at least 2 inches, yes, it will fit. Be advised, this kickstand does stick out further than the frame when installed, and may interfere with the folding capability

Q: How long are the legs on the max setting? From frame mount to ground point?

A: On our test bike it's about 14" from the frame mount to the bottom of the feet. 

Q: Will this fit a 54cm trek 520?

A: Due to the overwhelming amount of different makes and models of bikes, there isn't really an industry compatible list for universal parts such as this. The safest method is simply to note the measurements of the product you intend to install, and then check the measurements of your bike for clearance.

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