Center Mount Kickstand FAQs

Q: Is the top part of the kickstand where it bolts to the bike metal? 

A: Yes it is metal with a good bolt. The kickstand mounts on the bottom of the frame just behind the pedal axle ( bottom bracket) and little below it. You should see a bolt hole where the bolt goes and a flat spot on the bottom of the frame where it mounts.

Q: Can't seem to find where to install this thing. I have a diamondback and i don't see any brackets or holes at the bottom. help?

A: If your bike frame does not have a mounting point built onto it, the adapter bracket at the top of the kickstand can be used to mount between the bottom rear forks on most bikes. Feel free to contact us or Lumintrail if you require more in-depth assistance. 

Q: What size hex key does this take?

A: This kickstand bolt takes an 8mm metric key, or a 5/16" key. 

Q: Can this fit a specialized expedition sport with 26" wheels? 

A: It has been seen to fit a 26" Raleigh mountain bike.


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