Bike Seat - Oversize Wide Comfort FAQs

Q: Does this come with hardware to mount the seat?

A: The seat does come with mounting rods and mounting clamp hardware, but does not include tools. 

Q: Is this product universal?

A: It is mostly universal. Due to the many different designs and specs among the huge variety of bicycles on the market, there is no such thing as completely universal. For seats in particular you should measure your seatpost and verify the type of mount used to check compatibility. 

Q: Why dose the screw that hold the coil springs in place go through the bottom coils? They are not attached to the bottom coil at all.

A: The screw allows the rider to increase or decrease the spring tension. By tightening the screw, the spring tension is greater and makes the ride feel firmer. By loosening the screw, the spring tension is lesser and makes the ride feel softer. 

Q: Is the seat waterproof without the cover?

A: The cover helps prevent water and dust accumulating on the seat. Without the cover, the seat would get wet and the water can soak into the seat through the stitches. However, the water won't damage the sear or turn it into a wet rag, it will just make for a wet ride.


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