Bike Saddle Gel Foam with Airflow Vent FAQs

Q: Description says this seat is 8 inches wide, is that correct?

A: Yes, it is 8 inches wide. 

Q: Does this seat have springs to help cushion the ride?

A: This seat does not have springs, it has a gel foam to provide additional cushion. We do have another model that does have springs, the  AZ-833 Wide Sear Comfort Cruiser.

Q: Does this come with hardware to mount the seat?

A: The seat does come with mounting rods and mounting clamp hardware, but does not include tools.

Q: Is this product universal?

A: It is mostly universal. Due to the many different designs and specs among the huge variety of bicycles on the market, there is no such thing as completely universal. For seats in particular you should measure your seatpost and verify the type of mount used to check compatibility. 

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