Q: Does this lock with a mounting bracket?

A: We do not currently offer a bracket for this lock. It is a fairly large and heavy u-lock, too heavy for our mounting bracket made for the smaller u-locks we offer. Most riders tend to carry this in their backpack, on a rack, or fastened to the front of their bike while riding.

Q: What is the security rating?

A: There isn't really an industry standard security rating for bike locks. Some manufacturers will assign their own proprietary ratings to their locks, but those ratings are completely discretionary and are often argued and scrutinized by lock-smithing organizations. Our personal rating for this lock is maximum security meaning it can be used in an extended stay in suburbs major metropolitan areas and college/university campuses. 

Q: If someone wanted to steal my bike, can't they just reset the code and open the lock?

A: To reset the code, any thief would have to know the actual code...otherwise it won't be allowed to reset. This is why we encourage you to set your own personal code as soon as you get the lock so it is no longer set to the manufacturers code of "0000".

Q: I forgot the combination to my lock. Can you reset it for me?

A: If you forget the pass-code, you will not be able to open the lock or reset the password. There is no back end way for us to get into the lock to reset it for you. We encourage consumers to store their combination in a secure location.

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