Angled Headlamp FAQs

Q: How do you cycle through the modes? 

A: One short click to cycle through. Double click to start strobe mode. Long click to turn off. If you turn off while on certain mode, it will back to that mode after you turn it on again. 

Q: Will this headlamp run the full hour at 1050 lumens before stepping down?

A: During our tests, yes it's definitely possible. The tests were in a controlled environment, so outside factors may affect it; but overall it should still perform as expected. 

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: It has an IPX-8 rating for dust and water resistance. 

Q: Does the clicky switch have a momentary-on function (partial press to activate light, shut off when released)?

A: The clicky switch does not have a partial press. Click once to turn on and change brightness, and hold to turn off. 

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