Bicycle Spoke Adjuster Wrench

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The wheels on the bike are what propel a rider forward, allowing for a smooth ride along trails, roads and training paths. It is essential to have wheels spin straight for a better more stable ride. The rim of a bike wheel is connected to the hub by the spokes which are constantly under tensions. One end of each spoke is threaded for a specialized nut, called a nipple, which is used to connect the spoke to the rim.The spoke adjuster is used for tightening or loosening the tension of the spoke nippes to bring the wheel closer to true.


  • Weight: 0.9oz
  • Measuring measuring 1.63 inch diameter and 0.44 inch width
  • Stainless Steel design
  • 8 cut open design, suitable for spoke nipples including sizes 10G (5mm), 11G (4.4mm), 12G (3.96mm), 13G (3.45mm), 14G (3.35mm), 15G (3.23mm).

California Prop 65 Warning click for information.

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