42 Piece Mountain, Dirt, and Road Bike Repair Tools Kits - Bicycle Maintenance Tool Kit Set with Storage Case

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This kit was put together with versatility in mind, the Lumintrail TL810E Essential Bike Tool Kit comes with 42 high-quality commonly used tools inside a custom-molded case. This entry-level kit is perfect for most maintenance and repair challenges.

Tool Case:

  • Custom-molded case fits all your tools securely for easy transport 

The Lumintrail LT-TL810E (42 pieces) Includes:

  • Freewheel Remover (1 piece) (12 splines, fits Shimano, Sachs, Aris, Sun Race, DNP Epoch & other 5-10 speed freewheels) 
  • Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool (1 piece) (20 Spline/Teeth Bottom Bracket Tool - Fits Square Tapered & ISIS Internal Bottom Bracket  / (Shimano & ISIS Compatibility) 
  • Hub Cone Spanner 13mm/14mm/15mm/16mm (2 pieces)
  • Forged “O” Spoke Adjuster - 10G/11G/12G/13G/14G/15G (1 piece)
  • Cotterless Crank Tool (1 piece) (Shimano and ISIS compatibility, use with 14mm spanner)
  • Bike Chain Whip (1 piece) (Works on 5- to 12- speed cassettes and freewheels)
  • Headset Wrench 30mm/32mm, 36mm/40mm (1 piece)
  • Open Wrench 8mm/10mm (1 piece)
  • 8mm L Shaped Hex Key Wrench / Square Adapter (8mm Hex Key Wrench & Square Adapter (1 set)
  • L Shaped Auxiliary Wrench / 6mm Square Head (1 set)
  • Pedal Wrench 15mm/16mm, 15mm/17mm (1 piece)
  • Tire Pressure Gauge Pen (1 piece) (Up to 50 PSI / 3.5 Bar)
  • 8mm/9mm/10mm Socket (3 pieces)
  • Bits + ph ½ - [5/7) (4 pieces)
  • Tire Lever Set (3 pieces)
  • Hex Key Wrench Set - 2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm (6 pieces)
  • Chain Rivet Extractor (1 piece) (For Shimano chains - HG/UG-type chain links)
  • 2-in-1 Screwdriver (Flathead & Phillips) (1 piece)
  • Tire Tube Repair Kit - Glue, Metal Sand Piece, 2 Round Patches, 2 Oval Patches, 1 Large Rectangle patch, 2 Rubber Tubes (1 set)

About this item

  • BIYCLE REPAIR KIT: Includes Bike Tire Patch Kit, Pedal Wrench, Bike Chain Whip, Headset Wrench, Round Spoke Wrench, Tire Levers, Open Wrench, Freewheel Remover, Cotterless Crank tool, Hex Key Wrench Set, L Hex Key Wrench with Square Adapter, L Shaped Auxiliary Wrench, Chain Rivet Extractor, Bottom Bracket tool, Hub Cone Spanners, Tire Pressure Gauge Pen, and 2 in 1 Screwdriver.
  • VARIETY OF TOOLS: Bike Tool Kit that offers a 42-piece set of repair tools generally used on most bikes housed in a custom molded box/case. This multi tool bike kit is ideal for any home bicycle mechanic who wants the ultimate portable tool kit.
  • TOOLS FOR DIFFERENT BIKES: The Lumintrail Bike Repair Tool Kit assists mountain bikes (mtb), road bikes, BMX bikes, hybrid bicycles & more! - providing you with the accessories needed to perform basic bicycle repair/maintenance on any bike
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Tool set with premium carbon steel and high quality plastic tool construction ensures durability and strength.
  • REPAIR TOOLKIT: This bicycle tool kit is easy to use, as it allows you to organize all the tools in their place. The molded box/case is lightweight with a weight of 5.81 lbs and 32.3 x 25.2 x 7cm dimensions.

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