Lumintrail Shock Pump 300 PSI High Pressure for Fork & Rear Suspension Air Shock

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The Lumintrail Shock Pump is designed for use on air suspension systems on mountain bikes. It outputs 300 PSI of high pressure needed for adjusting air suspension in bike shocks. Lumintrail Shock Pump is not recommended for inflating tires because it outputs low volume of air rather than high volume of bike tire pumps.
  • SHOCK PUMP: Lumintrail shock pump is used for adjusting front and rear suspension on mountain bikes. It outputs low volume of air at high pressures allowing for fine tuning of suspension to perfectly fit the riding situation.
  • THREAD IN DESIGN: The threaded pump head locks onto Schrader or Presta valves to provide a secure connection and prevents any air pressure loss.
  • EASY-TO-READ PRESSURE GAUGE: The large 1-3/8" pressure gauge gives an easy-to-read accurate reading up to 300 PSI.
  • HIGH-STRENGTH ALUMINUM BARREL: The barrel is made from sturdy, high quality aluminum making it able to withstand the 300 PSI pressure that it outputs.
  • EZ GRIP HANDLE: Easy to grip flat end handle design prevents hands from slipping during use. The wide surface area of the flat end provides more comfort than traditional ball-shaped handles by distributing the pressure evenly on the palms.

California Prop 65 Warning click for information.

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